Thank you to all those who have plugged the video!

A big “Thank You” to all those who have already liked, linked, shared, and otherwise plugged the video.

I especially want to mention:


Ivar Dameron

Picture Dept: A Tumblr By Newsweek and Daily Beast Photo Editors


Gregory Mann, Historian of francophone West Africa, History Department of Columbia University

“Timbuktu: whatever happened to the African Renaissance?” Africa Is A Country


Patricia Lee Sharpe

“A Glimpse of What Could Be Lost in Timbuktu”  Whirled View


In Praise of Dialogue

As the number of viewers to this site grows and as I add links to more articles and websites on Timbuktu, I realize that I should make a statement about my objectives.

This video and website are not intended to call for any particular political solution.  Rather, I aim to provide a greater breadth of information and viewpoints on the issues at hand.

As such, you will find that many of the articles and websites that I link to have different perspectives and call for different types of actions.  I don’t agree with all of them myself.  I hope each of you enjoys the information provided and the opportunity for dialogue presented.

That said, a deep belief in the importance of religious tolerance and cultural self-determination forms the foundation of my artistic and ethical approach to the world.

In our times, many may find this a political stance.

Alexandra Huddleston

Video and Website launch 7/11/12


I hope that you find this site an informative resource for the events that have been occurring in Timbuktu, Mali.

Timbuktu, is a city close to my heart.  During the time that I lived there, I grew to love its people, its culture, and even its weather.  The arrival of war to this precious city has broken my heart.

As more and more articles appear in the news about the militant Islamist rule of Timbuktu, the memory of a culture of peace, tolerance, deep faith, and deep learning that was Timbuktu’s recent past seems to fade day by day.  This website attempts to use an archive of the past to re-frame the present.

Please comment and share widely.

Alexandra Huddleston